Rules/ Procedures and Rates for Scholarship and its Continuation

  • Student must fulfilled minimum passing criteria of the Institute.
  • Fee for repeated course will not be paid out of WWF.
  • Hostel/Transport facility and stipend will not be given to the workers. This facility will be extended only to their children, who will attend regular classes of an institution.
  • Children of worker, who are once registered with Workers Welfare Fund for getting Scholarship facility and in mean time their father/mother have retired before completion of their diploma, he/she will not be given the Scholarship for that diploma till completion, however he/she will not be entitled for Scholarship for further studies.
  • Stipend of Rs. 1600/- will be paid to the students after successful completion of each semester.
  • The stipend would be given to the student for the period of the diploma prescribed by the Institute i-e 1 year. The student would not be given stipend when the period of his.her studies exceeds from the prescribed period.
  • The Workers Welfare Fund will finance only one diploma at the same level further he/she will not be financed for the diploma already completed by the candidate.
  • NICS will entertain the application from the starting of the course/diploma; the candidate will not be entertained in the middle of the course or diploma.
  • The stipend of Rs.1600 will be provided to the students.
  • All expenses of these students, viz-a-viz admission fee, tuition fee, transport charges, hostel/messing charges, registration fee, examination fee, library fee, lab fee, computer fee in respect of workers children, who get admission on merit will be paid out of WWF. However, no subscriptions, charity funds or securities (refundable or non-refundable) will be paid.

Eligibility Criteria for award of Scholarship

  1. Workers must be covered under definition of workman prescribed in IRA.
  2. The worker concern must have three years of cumulative service.
  3. The worker should be registered with EOBI or Social Security and must possess the relevant card.
  4. Workers / employee and their children are eligible to avail the facility.
  5. Factory/establishment registered under Factory Act 1934/ Mines Act, 1923. OR

The Factory / Establishment contributing Workers Welfare tax or Workers Profit

  1. Maximum age limit for availing this facility is 35 years for Workers / Employee and 28 years for their children.
  2. The worker can take admission on the recommendation of the top management of concerned Industry / Factory

Program Details

  1. Registration Start Date: 25 May 2018
  2. Registration Last Date : 15th August 2018
  3. Commencement of Classes : 20 August 2018
  4. Venue: National institute of cultural studies (NICS), Lok Virsa islamabad

Scholarship Details

  1. All expenses like Admission Fee, Tuition fee , training material cost, food, accommodation and transportation charges are covered in scholarship
  2. 1600 stipend will be given

How to Apply

Download Application form or Apply Online

Fill the desired information in the form and send the hard copy along-with the required documents to the postal address mentioned below :

National Institute of Information Technology (NICS)

Gate no 6, Lok Virsa Garden Avenue Shakarparian

Islamabad-44000 Pakistan