National Institute of Cultural Studies has held the privilege of conducting training workshops and executing capacity building programs for the Parliamentarians and government officers (B-17 to B-21). Some of the major training’s and workshops conducted under the umbrella of capacity building are as follows:

  • Media Production & Media Management
  • Protocol, Etiquettes & Mannerism
  • Stress and Time Management
  • Project Management
  • Proposals preparation & presentation
  • Balancing life and Work
  • Leadership and Public Speaking
  • Human Excellence
  • Organizational Management
  • Good Governance
  • Budget Making
  • Gender Sensitivity in Workplace
  • Skill Development & Responsibilities of  Executive Secretaries and Staff Officers
  • Cultural Resource Management


 National Institute of Cultural Studies is committed to its mission and has put many endeavors to bring its vision to life. In the same context the Institute has been involved in arranging a series of different seminars in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. Prominent scholars like Mr. Ahmad Faraz, Ms. Shaheen Atiqur Rehman, Justice Javed  Iqbal, S. M. Zafar, Col.  Tresslor and Ms. Zubaida Jalal have participated as the key-note speakers in these seminars.

Seminars have been conducted under different social themes, such as the free provision of schoolbooks by government bodies. Such seminars have had far-reaching effects on government policies, with the advent of free schoolbooks provided by the Punjab and KPK governments, followed later by Sindh and Baluchistan.


In November 2011 NICS organized a three-day conference with the title “Youth Leadership Conference.” This conference was the first of its kind in Pakistan. More than 150 youth and professionals from all over the country participated actively in this conference. The main objective was to build and enhance leadership skills and qualities. Eminent persons from the media and development sector also attended the conference. Among the speakers and presenters was late Rauf Khalid (NICS), Masood Akhter Air Marshal (Retd.), Muneeza Hashmi, Kamran Lashari, Dr. Fouzia Saeed, Bilal Kutab, Kamran Rizvi, Shamoon  Hashmi (SDPD), and Dr. Rakhshinda Perveen.


National Institute of Cultural Studies has executed a series of short courses of training for public and private sectors. The offered trainings, seminars and workshops include:

  • Decision Making
    •  Communication Skills
    •  Leadership
    •  Stress Management
    •  Time Management
  •  Protocol and Mannerism