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National Institute of Cultural Studies

NICS seeks to produce graduates who are able to combine design capability with manufacturing dexterity to create products that are functional and aesthetically appealing. It also equips the students with necessary management and marketing tools in order to promote these products in the markets around the world. NICS endeavors to create a new generation of creative designers and highly skilled entrepreneurs to cater for the demand of the new millennium.

Welcome to NICS

National Institute of Cultural Studies (NICS) is a first of its kind endeavor in higher education of Pakistan. It is the result of an innovative and path-breaking public-private partnership between the Government of Pakistan through the Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage (Lok Virsa) and Cosmos Productions (private) Limited, Islamabad. NICS comes with a commitment to the highest possible quality in all of its activities. It is committed to open and critical thinking and all its programs are based on the premise that high quality learning and research requires openness, freedom of thought and expression, debate, and active learning.

Media Studies

We’ll show you how to get the best out of your initial photo sessions, how to play with the camera, lighting and setting and how to perfect your motives in digital processing effectively and creatively.

Hotel Management

Studying Hotel Management will enable students to develop in-depth knowledge of management theories and speacialized aspects of hotel management, including house-keeping, food and beverage, front-desk etc that will ensure jobs within Pakistan as well as in the international market.

Fashion & Textile

Textile and Apparel Design is a rewarding professional area that relates the physical properties of textiles to our human need for functional and fashionable clothing and home accessories. This option combines the art of design in a rich and challenging learning environment that prepares individuals for dynamic careers at the creative forefront of the textile and fashion industry.

Graphic Design

This course aims to introduce the students to a variety of a experiences exploring a range of Graphic Design techniques and processes. The aim of this course is to give the students a basic understanding of the principles of graphic design and how to create a range of printed materials using Adobe Creative Suite. Anyone with a keen interest and an eye for design can get enrolled in this diploma course and execute their ideas via Graphics.

Interior Design

In this course students will learn how to create exciting spaces that are functional, aesthetically pleasing and sustainable. The diploma programme is stretched over a period of 6 months and offers a comprehensive education that combines studio courses with theory and history. It teaches a manual and digital drawing skill that allows students to communicate ideas effectively. NICS provides a platform which enables students to build a strong portfolio to kick-start their careers.

Dedicated to the fond memory of the Late Abdur Rauf Khalid

founderThe dream that you dreamt singly at first
Is conquering evermore eyes every season
The good for which you alone did thirst
Is on pace to become the general passion

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